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Hi I’m Emma, I am an early childhood educarer after leaving my fabulous full time job as a preschool teacher heading off on my trip of a life time to Australia. I’m from a tiny little village in North Clare in Ireland called Kilnaboy (Fr. Ted country, our little claim to fame). My trip to Oz is something I have wanted to do for a while but never spoke about it because I thought it would never happen. Life throws you some funny ones sometimes so I took the plunge in August and applied for a working holiday visa and as they say the rest is history. I hope you enjoy reading about my travels and adventures. This blogging craic is all new to me but I’ll try my hand at anything once.



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Melbourne trip…

So iv finally done another bit of traveling. Its hard when your keepin down a full time job and everything going on. So Ciara and myself decided to head down to Melbourne and see what all the fuss was about. And man were delighted, we did we did loads and saw heaps.

Melbourne is a fab city, really pretty, not as big as Sydney but super easy to get around once we got the hang of the trams. We visited St. Kildas beach and it was fabulous. Freezing the day we visited and nearly got blown off the pier 😜 but a beautiful place to be.

We also hit the shops and wow is Melbourne the place to be when shopping with there massive H and M and lots of hidden shopping centres. We baged a few bargains in the sales also. We also took a visit to the exquisite St. Pauls Cathedral and lit a few candels for our familys and friends. We also did the Melbourne star observation deck and strongly recommend this to anyone visiting Melbourne. It was amazing to see the city and its surroundings.

Our highlight of our trip was the amazing Great Ocean Road. We did a one day bus tour and we were so happy we did. The tour was amazing, and the tour guide was brilliant so informative. We visited Winkie pop beach, bells beach, Anglesea, the Great Otway National Park, split point, Apollo bay, Maits Rest and finally the amazing 12 Apposils at Port Cambel National park. It was a long day but was well worth it.

Melbz will defo have to be visited again πŸ‘Œ

Christmas In July πŸŽ…

Any excuse for us to eat and drink more than we should and Christmas in July is no different. Christmas in July is something I never knew existed until recently here in Australia. Everyone goes out does the 12 pubs, eats Christmas dinner, wears there christmas jumpers and generally just has a good time.

So last week, my good friend Kelly that iv met out here in Australia and work with hosted Christmas in July in her house “the palace” for 15 of us. Kelly and her her housemates went all out by putting up the Christmas tree so it really did feel very festive. Of course christmas junpers, reindeer antlers and lots of tinsel was the dresscode. Everyone made or brought something and my God it was some spread everything from Turkey, chicken and ham to sausage stuffing to brussel sprouts to yummee roasted veg everything was amazing.

After we played a few “Christmas Day” games and had a good laugh and of course lots of alcohol was consumed. Everyone has bought gifts for cris cindel for under $10 so they were opened.

My first Christmas in July was brilliant and definitely wont be forgotten in a hurry. Cant wait for real Christmas now πŸ€£πŸŽ….


A weekend well spend brings a week of content!

Dont ask me why, but Iv always had this notion (and a notion is all it is) that I have to have a good, fun filled weekend or it will start my week bad. So every weekend I try meet up with friends or go somewhere or do something most weekends, (even at home I did this) not wasting any time while im off. Here for a good time not a long time, well in terms of Oz anyways.
So this weekend was well spent at friends house, chilled Saturday night outside with the fire pitt blazing with a few beverages telling stories (with even a few Clare ghost stories thrown in for good measure) and a big Irish fry Sunday with even some home made brown bread made by yours truely. After the breaky we decided to do Lawn Bowls which we had never done before. We went to Chloe and Joes local club, the Hills Club in Baulkham Hills. 

There was a group of 5 of us, Scott a member of staff from the club took time teaching us how to play “bearfoot lawn bowls” before the game even began the compeditive streak was coming out in all of us. Scott explained the game to us and thought us some strategies, he was also great fun. Jackie made the bold decision of girls verses boys (3 agenst 2) which myself and Chloe backed her on straight away.

The aim of the game is to throw your bowl which is weighted and curves to one side nearest to the marker bowl, nearest 3 bowls of similar colour win or nearest bowl and that team win. It was brilliant, we got into the game very quick (we werent any good but the craic was 90). We spend two and a half hours roughly playing. The boys won by the skin of their teeth 😜😜.

I would definitely recommend lawn bowls to anyone who is short of something to do on a sunday, likes a good competitive game or is like myself has to start the week on a high πŸ‘Œ. Great game and great fun.

Whale watching season…πŸ³πŸ‹πŸ³

Ok so Chloe and I decided we wanted to do something “different” with our long weekend, something we wouldnt usually decide to do. With the whale watching season here in Sydney from May to November, we looked up Groupon got an amazing deal and booked it right away. 

We were a little concerned about the weather as the last few days in Sydney had not been anything to write home about but we dressed for every occasion wearing warm jackets and bringing hats and scarves in our bags too. Our boat left Darling Harbour Warf and it was a lovely day as we boarded our boat. There was 3 crew on our boat and the safety talks were given. When we were in the head the water was very calm, but as soon as we left the head the water got choppy and everyone on board had to hold on for fear of going over board. It also got super chilly so the hats and scarves were put on.

We were looking for whales for which seemed like ages and no one had seen anything. Chloe had seen a dolphin but I was too busy talking and I missed him. Suddenly there was a whale sighting and everybody ran to the right hand side of the boat including Chloe and I. There were four whales around us. The man explained about there blow which was them breathing and then there footprints which was flatness in the water which was an indicator where they were in the water and then a few meters ahead they would jump out of the water. It was amazing to watch. We watched the wales for sometime and then we had to head back into the harbour again. We were out in our boat for over three hours.

I got no pictures of any whales as I was concentrating so hard in watching the wales and holding on but it was such an experience. Thankfully we were not sea sick but some people were very sick on the trip. I would recommend anyone to do it if you have not done it before. Chloe and I really enjoyed ourselfs.πŸ³πŸ‹πŸ³

Vivid Festival…

Omg what can I say, the Vivid Festival is amazing. Vivid is taking place in circular quay from the 26th May until the 17th June. Vivid is a festival where light, music and ideas come together.

During vivid there are loads of cruises ypu can choose from to witness the amazing lights fron the water. I have been on not one but two vivid boat cruises in the last two weeks and they were worth every penny. They were on tall boats (looked like pirate ships).

Pictures do no justice of these amazing lights. Amazing!

Queenstown, New ZealandΒ 

Everyone has heard of Queenstown in one way or another, for their amazing views, cool bars, cute streets, water sports, mad nights out, gondola and luge (to name but a few). For us Queenstown was a flying visit and most definitely wasnt long enough.

We chose to do the Gondola and Luge rides for our few hours in the town and my god we were not disappointed. Amazing πŸ‘Œ

Photos from the observation deck:

So we got threw the que pretty fast even though it looked luke wed be there for alot longer. The Gondola was a fast cable car from what I could see, it could take up to 5/6 people comfortably, you had to jump in and jump out because it did not stop. The views were incredible as you were brought right up the top of the mountain. 

There was a visitor centre, restaurant and gift shops up the top of the mountain in the centre with an amazing observation deck…. We spent ages out at the observation deck just taking in all the views. There was such a wow factor!

The luge then involved non motorised go karts that you could race down and they were some fun. You had to get another (what looked like) a ski lift to the top of the moutain, collect your luge and race down. Cian and I raced each other down dodging people and racing other people. Well worth doing!

Queenstown is definitely a place to visit on the South Island. I did find it rather touristy and commercial for such a unique place with amazing scenery but still enjoyed the flying visit.

Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka is located on New Zealands south island on the west coast, build on its name-sake lake nestled in mountains. It is one of the most picturesque places i have ever been as well as Queenstown. Wanaka is a real outdoorsy spot with loads of water sports on the lake.  It is about a six hour drive from Christchurch. On the way you pass the amazing Lake Tekapo and also see Mount Cook in the horizon, as well as take in some beautiful views.

Wanaka also has some very cool bars and funky restaurants and there was plenty to choose from. There was a lovely relaxed vibe in Wanaka, sit back, relax and watch the world go by. Very different of Sydney, where its all go and nothing stops for any body. I also found Wanaka to be unspoilt, the landscape and the lake was beautiful and natural looking with no big buildings taking from the amazing view.

We really enjoyed our flying visit to Wanaka and its easy going natural vibe…

Akaroa, New Zealand

This day was one of our really randum adventure days we didn’t just headed straight for Akaroa, we headed on a bit of an adventure. We opened google maps (when we could, when we had coverage) picked a place that sounded nice and that looked like wed get good pics and we headed off. We had heard about the amazing views of Diamond bay so this was factored in as a place to see on the way. 

We took a wrong turn at some stage and ended up at this beautiful lake, sourounded by mountains. It was amazing! The air was so crisp and clean (that was one of the first things I noticed. Having lived in Sydney the last 4 months the air is defo nothing like at home in Kilnaboy). We had found Port Levy unknown to ourselfs. The pictures speak for themselfs, blueness of the the sky, the grey and green mountains, UNREAL!

Before finding this beautiful lake we stopped at this gorgeous beach, the little beach was made of all gorgeous little and big shells all shapes and sizes. Again this was also surounded by mountainous land.

It really was an adventure day full of stops and turns and loads of kodak moments. It was brilliant. Next we went on the road which lead us to Akaroa (going by google maps, whitch has been wrong on a few occasions now) and honest to god I wish I got a picture of the road, it was nothing more than a dirt road πŸ™ˆ but wow the scenery we saw was incredible. We were driving on the side of a mountain, sometimes with mountains both sides and sometimes with water below us. (We all said a prayer the car wouldnt stop because we wouldnt have been found for days πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). 

We finally got on the main road for Akaroa (So everytime I say this beautiful places name I butcher the pernounciation πŸ™ˆ) is located just 75km from Christchurch going on the main road not our “detour”. Akaroa is a little French village nestled in a ancient volcano. It has beautiful little cafes and craft shops. Their is lots of water activities that can be done in Akaroa like swimming with dolphins, jet skiing, paddle boarding and lots more but it was freezing the day we went there so i was not gona tog out, lol. They also harvest there own pearls there, the jewlery is beautiful and dainty and can be seen i most craft shops and especially the jewellery shop on the pier. The scenery when you walk out on the pier is breath taking, photos do not even do it justice. Akaroa is a must see if you are in Christchurch, breathtaking spot!

Christchurch, New Zealand

I was so looking forward to seeing Christchurch while on our visit to New Zealand. Meeting Cians close friend SΓ©an and staying with him along with our exploring. I had done a little bit of research, but nothing too hectic but wow did I get a shock when we drove through the city. The big earthquakes happened in 2011 and killed 185 people and injuring thousands more, it was known world wide the damage and carnage they had caused but nothing prepared me for the bleakness of the city.

Walking down the streets which were building sites was a little wierd. So much work is underway now testing buildings, rebuilds and renovations. Its amazing to see it. There is now (id say) more work than people to do the work in Christchurch at the minute. This is crazy to think.

Christchurch is a cute city tho with its straight streets and quirky feeling. It still has some amazing architecture and def alot of character with lots of history. (I nicknamed this street “Kildare Village” as it reminded me of it. Such a cute little street which looked untouched from any damage).

Christchurch Cathedral is still amazing to look at (from a distance because of its extensive damage). Such a pitty nothing more can be done with it.

Container City was unreal to see also. All the shops trading away, in containers done up into shops, no time lost while they waited for the new shopping centre to open during the winter.

These chairs represent all of the people who lost their lives during the Earthquakes that day in February 2011. It is a very respectful remembrance of all young and old who were takin that day in Christchurch.

I most definitely will be returning to Christchurch maybe in ten years time when they have “rebuilt” their city and have another few drinks in “The Bog” an Irish bar which served us well on our visit to Christchurch.

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