I was so looking forward to seeing Christchurch while on our visit to New Zealand. Meeting Cians close friend Séan and staying with him along with our exploring. I had done a little bit of research, but nothing too hectic but wow did I get a shock when we drove through the city. The big earthquakes happened in 2011 and killed 185 people and injuring thousands more, it was known world wide the damage and carnage they had caused but nothing prepared me for the bleakness of the city.

Walking down the streets which were building sites was a little wierd. So much work is underway now testing buildings, rebuilds and renovations. Its amazing to see it. There is now (id say) more work than people to do the work in Christchurch at the minute. This is crazy to think.

Christchurch is a cute city tho with its straight streets and quirky feeling. It still has some amazing architecture and def alot of character with lots of history. (I nicknamed this street “Kildare Village” as it reminded me of it. Such a cute little street which looked untouched from any damage).

Christchurch Cathedral is still amazing to look at (from a distance because of its extensive damage). Such a pitty nothing more can be done with it.

Container City was unreal to see also. All the shops trading away, in containers done up into shops, no time lost while they waited for the new shopping centre to open during the winter.

These chairs represent all of the people who lost their lives during the Earthquakes that day in February 2011. It is a very respectful remembrance of all young and old who were takin that day in Christchurch.

I most definitely will be returning to Christchurch maybe in ten years time when they have “rebuilt” their city and have another few drinks in “The Bog” an Irish bar which served us well on our visit to Christchurch.