This day was one of our really randum adventure days we didn’t just headed straight for Akaroa, we headed on a bit of an adventure. We opened google maps (when we could, when we had coverage) picked a place that sounded nice and that looked like wed get good pics and we headed off. We had heard about the amazing views of Diamond bay so this was factored in as a place to see on the way. 

We took a wrong turn at some stage and ended up at this beautiful lake, sourounded by mountains. It was amazing! The air was so crisp and clean (that was one of the first things I noticed. Having lived in Sydney the last 4 months the air is defo nothing like at home in Kilnaboy). We had found Port Levy unknown to ourselfs. The pictures speak for themselfs, blueness of the the sky, the grey and green mountains, UNREAL!

Before finding this beautiful lake we stopped at this gorgeous beach, the little beach was made of all gorgeous little and big shells all shapes and sizes. Again this was also surounded by mountainous land.

It really was an adventure day full of stops and turns and loads of kodak moments. It was brilliant. Next we went on the road which lead us to Akaroa (going by google maps, whitch has been wrong on a few occasions now) and honest to god I wish I got a picture of the road, it was nothing more than a dirt road 🙈 but wow the scenery we saw was incredible. We were driving on the side of a mountain, sometimes with mountains both sides and sometimes with water below us. (We all said a prayer the car wouldnt stop because we wouldnt have been found for days 😂😂😂). 

We finally got on the main road for Akaroa (So everytime I say this beautiful places name I butcher the pernounciation 🙈) is located just 75km from Christchurch going on the main road not our “detour”. Akaroa is a little French village nestled in a ancient volcano. It has beautiful little cafes and craft shops. Their is lots of water activities that can be done in Akaroa like swimming with dolphins, jet skiing, paddle boarding and lots more but it was freezing the day we went there so i was not gona tog out, lol. They also harvest there own pearls there, the jewlery is beautiful and dainty and can be seen i most craft shops and especially the jewellery shop on the pier. The scenery when you walk out on the pier is breath taking, photos do not even do it justice. Akaroa is a must see if you are in Christchurch, breathtaking spot!