Everyone has heard of Queenstown in one way or another, for their amazing views, cool bars, cute streets, water sports, mad nights out, gondola and luge (to name but a few). For us Queenstown was a flying visit and most definitely wasnt long enough.

We chose to do the Gondola and Luge rides for our few hours in the town and my god we were not disappointed. Amazing 👌

Photos from the observation deck:

So we got threw the que pretty fast even though it looked luke wed be there for alot longer. The Gondola was a fast cable car from what I could see, it could take up to 5/6 people comfortably, you had to jump in and jump out because it did not stop. The views were incredible as you were brought right up the top of the mountain. 

There was a visitor centre, restaurant and gift shops up the top of the mountain in the centre with an amazing observation deck…. We spent ages out at the observation deck just taking in all the views. There was such a wow factor!

The luge then involved non motorised go karts that you could race down and they were some fun. You had to get another (what looked like) a ski lift to the top of the moutain, collect your luge and race down. Cian and I raced each other down dodging people and racing other people. Well worth doing!

Queenstown is definitely a place to visit on the South Island. I did find it rather touristy and commercial for such a unique place with amazing scenery but still enjoyed the flying visit.