Ok so Chloe and I decided we wanted to do something “different” with our long weekend, something we wouldnt usually decide to do. With the whale watching season here in Sydney from May to November, we looked up Groupon got an amazing deal and booked it right away. 

We were a little concerned about the weather as the last few days in Sydney had not been anything to write home about but we dressed for every occasion wearing warm jackets and bringing hats and scarves in our bags too. Our boat left Darling Harbour Warf and it was a lovely day as we boarded our boat. There was 3 crew on our boat and the safety talks were given. When we were in the head the water was very calm, but as soon as we left the head the water got choppy and everyone on board had to hold on for fear of going over board. It also got super chilly so the hats and scarves were put on.

We were looking for whales for which seemed like ages and no one had seen anything. Chloe had seen a dolphin but I was too busy talking and I missed him. Suddenly there was a whale sighting and everybody ran to the right hand side of the boat including Chloe and I. There were four whales around us. The man explained about there blow which was them breathing and then there footprints which was flatness in the water which was an indicator where they were in the water and then a few meters ahead they would jump out of the water. It was amazing to watch. We watched the wales for sometime and then we had to head back into the harbour again. We were out in our boat for over three hours.

I got no pictures of any whales as I was concentrating so hard in watching the wales and holding on but it was such an experience. Thankfully we were not sea sick but some people were very sick on the trip. I would recommend anyone to do it if you have not done it before. Chloe and I really enjoyed ourselfs.🐳🐋🐳