Dont ask me why, but Iv always had this notion (and a notion is all it is) that I have to have a good, fun filled weekend or it will start my week bad. So every weekend I try meet up with friends or go somewhere or do something most weekends, (even at home I did this) not wasting any time while im off. Here for a good time not a long time, well in terms of Oz anyways.
So this weekend was well spent at friends house, chilled Saturday night outside with the fire pitt blazing with a few beverages telling stories (with even a few Clare ghost stories thrown in for good measure) and a big Irish fry Sunday with even some home made brown bread made by yours truely. After the breaky we decided to do Lawn Bowls which we had never done before. We went to Chloe and Joes local club, the Hills Club in Baulkham Hills. 

There was a group of 5 of us, Scott a member of staff from the club took time teaching us how to play “bearfoot lawn bowls” before the game even began the compeditive streak was coming out in all of us. Scott explained the game to us and thought us some strategies, he was also great fun. Jackie made the bold decision of girls verses boys (3 agenst 2) which myself and Chloe backed her on straight away.

The aim of the game is to throw your bowl which is weighted and curves to one side nearest to the marker bowl, nearest 3 bowls of similar colour win or nearest bowl and that team win. It was brilliant, we got into the game very quick (we werent any good but the craic was 90). We spend two and a half hours roughly playing. The boys won by the skin of their teeth 😜😜.

I would definitely recommend lawn bowls to anyone who is short of something to do on a sunday, likes a good competitive game or is like myself has to start the week on a high 👌. Great game and great fun.