Any excuse for us to eat and drink more than we should and Christmas in July is no different. Christmas in July is something I never knew existed until recently here in Australia. Everyone goes out does the 12 pubs, eats Christmas dinner, wears there christmas jumpers and generally just has a good time.

So last week, my good friend Kelly that iv met out here in Australia and work with hosted Christmas in July in her house “the palace” for 15 of us. Kelly and her her housemates went all out by putting up the Christmas tree so it really did feel very festive. Of course christmas junpers, reindeer antlers and lots of tinsel was the dresscode. Everyone made or brought something and my God it was some spread everything from Turkey, chicken and ham to sausage stuffing to brussel sprouts to yummee roasted veg everything was amazing.

After we played a few “Christmas Day” games and had a good laugh and of course lots of alcohol was consumed. Everyone has bought gifts for cris cindel for under $10 so they were opened.

My first Christmas in July was brilliant and definitely wont be forgotten in a hurry. Cant wait for real Christmas now 🤣🎅.